material & Methods of lashes

Synthetic Lashes

Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), type of polyester. high-end fibre synthetic premium material that imitates natural looking lashes. 


  • No allergic reaction risks (when allergies occur it is typically due to the glue or the eye patches) 
  • Can look natural or dramatic, depending on the thickness selected 
  • Holds their curl very well 
  • Long-lasting when applied correctly, very versatile: comes in different colors, matte or shiny finish

Individual synthetic lashes to each natural eyelash

Our technique involves placing each extension about 1-2 mm away from your eyelid, ensuring that you’ll have no irritation or discomfort.


This strategy is very precise and requires a great deal for concentration. But it produces beautiful results for you. we have everything you need to create a customized look that complements your unique features.

The differences


Soft Look

If you want to achieve a natural look with eyelash extensions 1:1 to a natural lash.


Good for daily wear: perfect for professional spaces, office, cooking, cleaning, or just around the house.


Natural lash, but still noticeable lashes. ; )

Hybrid/Light Volume

Not too simple, not too dramatic:

Promising a natural look with fluffy and fullness for every eye. If you want a dense than full classic set, hybrid/light volume lashes are the way to go.

Perfect for those with lash issues: 

If you’ve sparse lashes and want a dramatic look, hybrid/light lashes are a healthy option for your eyelashes.

Dark Volume

More dramatic lash look than hybrid or light volume but still natural for you who loves makeup look for daily life.


Volume lashes work the best for those who prefer glam makeup to a natural one. It’s a great choice if you have thin, weak, or sparse eyelashes too


Those who have a habit of strip lashes would prefer volume extensions over the classic style.



Price List

Classic - Natural

Cat Eye Style: 300k

Round/Open/Doll-Eye Style: 300k

Fox Eye Style: 300k


Brown Lashes: +100k

Add Some Colors: +50k

Hybrid - Dark Natural

Cat Eye Style: 450k

Round/Open/Doll-Eye Style: 450k

Fox Eye Style: 450k

Brown Lashes: +100k

Add Some Colors: +50k

Wispy/Spike Look: +50k

Light Volume - Dark Natural

Cat Eye Style: 470k

Round/Open/Doll-Eye Style: 470k

Fox Eye Style: 470k


Brown Lashes: +100k

Add Some Colors: +50k

Wispy/Spike Look: +50k

Dark Volume - Dramatic Look

Cat Eye Style: 550k

Round/Open/Doll-Eye Style: 550k

Fox Eye Style: 550k



Brown Lashes: +100k

Add Some Colors: +50k

Wispy/Spike Look: +50k

Additional Services

Home Visit – Per Person: 100-200k Removal: 50k